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StarTropics 2: Zodas Revenge (NES)

Beating Yum-Yum

In the first level you can beat Yum-Yum without even going through when
he blows bubbles. You can quickly go up to him and hit him while hes
trying to eat the hog. You should be apple to beat him by that, if not
you`ll be a lot ahead in doing so. Be careful though if you don`t kill him,
he gets a lot meaner and tougher. So don`t do it if you don`t think you can.

Level 2 pyramid tip

In the second level (Or third if you ount the beginning of the level) in
the pyramid you`ll come to this place with a bunch of turns and there
will seem to be noway out, there is. Once you get the magic flutes and
your in the room where the tiles line up to form the shape of a snake.
Blow a flute and a bunch of snakes will come out. Kill them with your
dagger or shock wave and a door will come. (I forgot if its hidden or it
will just pop out a piece of the wall). Now you can go on with the pyramid.

Game Genie code


Makes Mikey invincible. And, unlike the two line code for the original
Star Tropics, this code allows you to pick up the hearts when starting
over and you're down to only five. Watch out for bad jumps, though.
Sorry, nothing will save you from water or holes. (But enemies,
spikes, and the rest will cause no damage.)
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