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Solstice (NES)

Unlimited lives
Press Select during game play to display the sub-menu. Press B, Start(2), B(2), Start(2), B(2), Start(3), B, Start, B(3), Start(3), B, Start, B, Start(2), B, Start(2), B(2), Start, B, Start. The screen will flash to confirm correct code entry. Note: This also refills all potions.

Sound test
Hold Up/Right on controller one and A + B + Down/Left on controller two. Press Start on controller one while all buttons are pressed.

Level Password
2 B2712209
3 G3784JD2
4 6843D12F
5 IBJ39FK4

Easy Boss kill
Enter the Boss room in level 1 or 3. Immediately detonate a super bomb and pause game play. Resume the game after a few seconds, and the bomb will kill the Boss.
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