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Dragon Warrior 3 (NES)

Unlimited money:
Leave the castle and travel to the "Adventurer's Hall of Registration". Create a list of soldiers, then go downstairs to the "Eatery". Enlist three of the soldiers, sell their equipment, then remove them from your party to collect 400 gold. Repeat this procedure to gain unlimited funds.

Start with eight combat spells:
Begin game play and immediately visit the King in Aliahan. Create characters in the town until prompted to remove one. Leave the town to lose all gold, but gain eight combat spells.

Hint: Orb Locations:
Red: House of Pirates
Green: Tedanki
Yellow: New Town
Purple: Jipang
Blue: Navel of Earth
Silver: Shrine of Necrogond
Hint: Finding more Books Of Satori:
Randomly defeat the Blue Beaks. They can be found directly east of the Shoals.

How do you open secret passage for the Vase of Drought?
In Edinberg, you'll need an invisibility herb. You can get one in Lancel. When you have one, use it in Edinberg so you can pass the guard. Look around and you will find some stairs. Move the left rock first, then the right one, then worry about the middle one. You move the left one to the space down and right of the upper left corner. Then you move it up. Then you move it right until it can be pushed up to the top-left. Then go to the right side of the right one. Move it left until it comes to the space down and right of the upper left corner. Then move it up and do the same thing that you did with the left one. Go to the middle one and do the same thing with that. Once, you are done, a passage will open, and you are free to get the vase of drought.

Fighting bomb crags
When fighting bomb crags, damage them first until they're about to use Sacrifice. When your turn comes again before they use Sacrifice, cast Ironize. This will make the Bomb crags Sacrifice over and over until they lose all of their MP's. You can usually be ironized long enough for them to lose all the MP's. Then finish them off without fear. You can get TONS of experience points.

Fighting Goopies tip
In the second world, fight the Goopies (the little hands), kill all but one and it will call for reinforcements. I recommend using SpeedUp and Upper during the fight. Sit and fight for a long time and watch your levels sore, the longer you fight, the more you will get.

Fight metal slims and metal babbles
In the first world, there is an island that has a shrine and some ice on the North Eastern end. Fight there at night and you will fight metal slimes in groups of 2 or 3 and an occasional group of metal babbles.

Wining some weapons
You can win Demon's axes by defeating a mimic. This happens very rarely. You can also win an armor of Terrafirma by defeating Stone Hulks. Again, this happens rarely. To find the original Demon axe you have to visit Baramos' Castle. To find the original armor of Terrafirma, you must visit the Navel of the Earth east of the village Lancel. I have also found an Unlucky helmet. It raises defence by 11 points.

Geting spells
In the Pyramid (north of Isis), there is a basement level where all spells are mysteriously contained (i.e. permanent StopSpell). This room consists of four main chambers (connected by short narrow halls). There is an exit off the lower-left chamber. This chamber is shaped like a + sign, albeit a wide one. There are halls leading to the other chambers off the top and right sides. Walk to the upper-right area of the lower-left chamber. There is a sand pattern on the floor of this chamber that consists of a 1x1 + sign. Search in the middle square of the plus sign and you'll uncover a stairway. This stairway leads to the Golden Claw, an excellent weapon for the Merchant, and it is worth 11250, a very hansom price for this period in the game. ** Note: The Golden Claw is a monster lure (meaning you will encounter up to five times more monsters). I suggest that you return to the Pyramid in levels 16-17 because since all spells are contained, you cannot cast Heal or Outside. The monsters will rip you apart in levels 12-13.

Character tip
Take a Soldier, Fighter, and Pilgrim along so that you won't use tons of MP attacking. Use the Book of Satori to turn your Pilgrim into a Sage later on.

Fighting Zoma
When fighting Zoma, use Healall on him to take off about 170 damage points per spell. Keep doing this and he croaks el pronto as he only has about 1100 hit points.

Golden Claw tip
Store the Golden Claw in the Vault so that you can use it to build up levels quickly later on if necessary. You can equip your fighter with it for extra attack power.

Fighting Metal Babbles
Use BeDragon to kill Metal Babbles. They leave tons of experience.

Learn six combat spells
When you start your game, get your players and take them out and fight until your Hero knows Heal and Return. Go back into the town and go to the Hall of Registration, and keep Registering people until you can't register any more. Go downstairs and your Hero will have learned six combat spells.

Geting gold at the start of the game
At the start of the game, go and register three soldiers, then take them to the shop and sell there Clubs and Leather Armor. You will make over 400 gold each time you do that.

Geting experience points
From the town of Kanave, go east to the bank of the river where the forest ends, walk around by the water, and you can fight monsters that give you around 750 experience points. You should wait until you are at about Level 11. The Anenges are the best monstors to fight, but the Bomb Crags can wipe you out with Sacrifice.

Finding the Poison Needle
Return to Kanave at night and enter the Item Shop at night.

Entering the Castle of Edinbeark
Buy the Invisibility Herb at the Village of Lancel, the go to the castle and use the hurb to enter.

Finding the Sphere of Light
Fly to the Dragon Queen's Castle, then find her and talk to her.

Finding the Sword of Kings
Go to Hauksness and find the horse. Search the area to find Oricon, go to the Village of Kol and visit the shopheeper. Give him the Oricon, then leave. When you return, the Sword of Kings will be for sale.

Finding the Shield of Heroes
The Shield of Heroes is in a cave northwest of Tantegel, in the third basement.

Finding the Armor of Radiance
The Armor of Radiance is in the Tower West of Kol.

Finding the Fairy Flute
The Fairy Flute is in the Village of Kol, four steps south from the fountain, just like in Dragon Warrior 1.

Game Genie codes:

NYTLYX - Start a new game with the following magic spells. Heal, Return, Outside, Repel, Healmore, Healall, Vivify, and Healusall

NYTLTX - Start a new game with the following magic spells. Blaze, Expel, Heal, Ironize, Fireball, Return, sleep, and Stopspell.

KNTUGAPE - The shoes of happiness give you 252 Exp. a step rather than 1!

XGOPEE - Never lose items, ever. You can't sell them, discard them, or give them to another person. If you give them to another person or leave them at the vault, you end up with two, three, four,... If selling, this is a great money maker because you will never lose the item.

IOTPNG - Return is messed up and you can go to the dark world without defeating Baramos (Note: you must have reached all destinations in the light world first).

XZOPEA - First don't equip anything important, you will get some items such as the Staff of Reflection which can usually only be obtained by beating a specific enemy. This a great Code to make money and get items for free.

Get items after battle
Note: On some codes below it will say that you get something different when you get the chest but the items below are what appear on the item screen. These codes were tested at the very start of the game. So if you get something different, try going there.

IKYEKZ - Get different stuff after battle, like the Stone of Life, Book of Satori, Sailor's Thigh Bone, Armor of Radiance, Rainbow Drop, Strength Seed, Magic Key, Staff of Change, and other stuff.

If you get a seed, save the game first, tern the game off and back on, then use it. I get a Vitality seed once, used it right then, but I didn't get more Vitality. When I got the Strength Seed and turned the game off and back on, I got more strength.

IUYEKZ Get the Sword of Illusion (Multi-edge Sword (Remember it's cursed))
YNYEKZ Get the Fairy Water
ONYEKZ Get the Staff of Reflection
NKYEKZ Get the Staff of Judgement
KNYEKX Get the Leather Shield, Swordedge Armor, of the Ring of Life!
NVYEKZ Get the Falcon Sword
NUYEKX Get the Shoes of Happiness or Poisen Needle
NKYEKX Get the Fighting Suit or Staff of Judgement
NSYEKX Get the Staff of Reflection
GVYEKX Get the Royal Scroll
GNYEKX Get the Staff of Rain
EYSPZPAE King gives you at least 455,000 gold
OASPZPAA King gives you at least 350,000 gold

Start game with 6 of the following items,

ZI N Final Keys
AG N Ring of Life
GT Y Acorn of Life
AT Y Agility Seed
YI N Strength Seed
ZT N Luck Seed
LT Y Intelligence Seed
PT Y Vitality Seed
GP N Sword of King
AZ N Armor of Raidence
LL N Shield of Hero
TY Y Rainbow Drop
ZY Y Sphere of Light
TI N Oricon
AP Y Staff of Rain
IY Y Stone of Sunlight
YG Y Sacred Amulet
AY Y Fairy Flute
TZ Y Magic Armor
AI Y Stage Stone
PT N Leaf of the World Tree
TL Y Swordedge Armor
ZP N Thunder Sword
YP Y Zombi Slasher
PP Y Sword of Gaiu
LT N Locket of Love
ZI Y Vase of Drought
LI Y Lamp of Darkness
AI N Thief Key
PI N Magic Key
TY N Black Raven, sell for 58,500 gold each.
PL Y Revealing Swimsuite, sell for 58,500 gold each.
LI Y Dream Ruby
PI Y Mirror of Ra
GI Y Staff of Change

There is also another way for you to get the items that you want!!!!!
After saving the game, turn off the game and enter one of the codes. Now go to the Hall of Regestration in the town that you start at, register a new player and he/she will start with 6, or maybe 7 of that item. To get the most out of this, first enter codes for things that you can sell, then enter codes for things that you must keep, because the vault can only hold a certain number if items, and you will need some where to put those extra Final Keys, Rainbow Drops and so on.
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