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Dragon Warrior 2 (NES)

Where do you find the Cloak of Wind from the Tower of Wind?
Walk around the edges of each floor searching every step. It's never in the same place.

Have more than one Water Flying Cloth
You can have more than one Water Flying Cloth. Get the yarn, get the loom... take them to the guy. Before saving go back and get the yarn and loom, save the game. Get the first one. Talk to the guy again and you have two water flying clothes.

Skip Atlas, Bazuza and Zarlox
Before you take on Hargon or Malroth, you battle Atlas, Bazuza and Zarlox. If defeated, you'll be sent back to the Monolith of Rhone where you'll have the opportunity to save your game. If you save, Atlas, Bazuza and Zarlox will return to the castle. Choose not to save, and you'll never have to deal with these creatures again.

Finding the Mysterious Hat
Fight the creature Bazuzu and he may leave the Mysterious Hat. The wearer of this hat casts magic spells at only half of the MP usually required!

Finding the Gremlins
You can win Gremlins Armor from Gold Batboons. It's better than Erdrick's Armor in physical defence, but is cursed. Good for Prince of Cannock, if you don't let him fight too much.

Finding the Gremlins Tail
In Hamlin, you can get a Gremlins Tail from fighting Ozwargs in jail. Save, fight, off. fight, save off. Don't know what it does, but it's cursed.

Finding the Thunder Sword
To find the Thunder Sword go to the fifth level of the Cave to Rhone that is full of pits and jump in one. You find yourself on the forth floor. Go one space up and one to the right from the lower left corner. Leap in to get the sword.

Finding the Sunken Treasure
To find the Sunken Treasure, sail north from the reef at Lianport.

Get lots of gold
To get lots of gold, go to the jail beneath Midenhall and talk to the prisoners. One of the prisoners will turn into a Evil Clown. Defeat him to win the Staff of Thunder. Go sell the staff to get 9,500 gold, save the game and turn it all the way off. Turn the game back on and you can go back and fight the clown again to get another staff.

Tip: Alway's trust people in jail! Never trust fortune tellers!

Location of the Sword of Destruction
You can only get the Sword of Destruction from defeating the Giants or the Green dragon, in Rhone.

Location of the Crests:
The Water Crest is in a cellar room in Hamlin.
The Moon Crest is in Osterfair, from defeating the lion.
The Fire Crest is on an island where there is a flame burning, in a monolith, exit the right door and walk along the outer wall counter clookwise to find it.
The Crest of Life is in a treasure chest in Rhono Cave.
The Star Crest is in the Light house. Find the old man and follow him, then defeat him for the Crest.
When you have all of the Crests, go to the Sea Cave, and descend to theChamber of Rubiss.

Where is the location of the sea cave?
The Sea Cave is to the south-west of Osterfair. The island the cave is on is very small and hard to find. The easiest way to find it is to go the to the fairly large island just north or the World Tree Island. Go to the middle section of that island and start to sail directly north. After a while, if you positioned yourself right, it should appear on screen.

Game Genie codes:
Prience of Midenhall (First player)
NNKLUSGO Start with 255 Hit Points
NNKLOIIE Start with 255 Strenght
NNKLXIGE Start with 255 Agility Points
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