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Dragon Warrior (NES)

Unlimited money:
Defeat the Golem and collect $1000, but do not enter the city he was guarding. Instead, return to the king and save the game. Reset the NES, reload the game, return to the Golem, defeat it again, and take the $1000. Save and repeat to get as much money as needed.

Restored magic points:
Enter central castle in Tantegel, and speak to the man sitting at the desk on the right side of the screen. He will restore all your magic points.

1000 Gold:
Fight the golem, defeat him any way you want, but don't enter the city. Return to the king and save your game. Turn off the system, turn it back on and restore your game, and go to fight the golem again. He will give you 1000 more gold!

Beat the Golem:
To defeat the golem to enter the city, play your flute so he falls asleep, then nail him with your sword.

Death Necklace:
Go into the mountain cave and get the treasure box at the bottom that gives you 130gp. Do this over and over about 15 times and you will get a death necklace. Go sell it at an item shop in Breconary.

Easy EXP:
Go south of the place where you start out. You should see some hills. Go to the bottom and walk around. You will find magidrakes, magicans, and an occasional scorpion. They will give you about 10 gold and 5 exp.

Edrick's Armor and Silver Shield:
First, get the flute. Beat Golem, then go down, then right to a locked door. Open it and go to the guard. Buy the Silver Shield and the Flame Sword. Now go to Hauksness in Level 17. Go to the east side to a place with poison, and a row

Free Recovery:
In Tantegel, go to the center castle and you'll see a man behind a desk on the right side of the screen. Use your HEAL magic on you until you're fully recovered, then talk to him and he'll replinish your MP (Magic Points).

There is also a chest with replenishing herbs in Edrick's cane. Go there (northwest of the castle) and go to the second floor to find it.

Stones of sunlight:
In the Tenegel castle there is a girl there below the guy who sells keys go two steps past her to the right and go down along the water and you will see stairs go down the steps and open the chest to get the STONES OF SUNLIGHT.

Sleeping Golem:
Use the flute to put the Golem to sleep.

Hint: Silver Shield and Flame Sword:
Kill the Golem, then move down and right to find a locked door. Pass through the door to find a guard that is selling a Silver Shield and Flame Sword.
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