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Double Dragon 2: The Revenge (NES)

Extra lives
Select two-player B mode and begin game play. Keep defeating player two to gain up to seven extra lives.

Level Select
Quickly enter one of the following codes at the title screen to begin game play in the indicated section of the game.
Levels 1 to 3
Press Up, Right, Down, Left, A.
Levels 4 to 6
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A(2).
Levels 7 to 9
Press A(2), B(2), Down, Up, Right, Left on controller two.

Continue game play:
Quickly enter one of the following codes at the game over screen after completing the indicated level. A "Continue/Start" option will appear. Press Start on controller one to continue the game at the end of the last level played.

Hint: Playing level 4:
Pause game play and wait several seconds when the door on the helicopter opens. The door will close when game play resumes.

Hint: Playing level 9:
Level 9 only appears if the game is played under the "Supreme Master" difficulty level.

Hint: Faster hearts:
Begin game play on level two. Climb the fence when your character has to, then walk across and climb down or fall off the right side. Do not jump. Then, edge over to the right until the two Williams thugs appear. Go back up the fence, and walk over to the left as far as possible. Then, head back across the fence, and the Williams thugs will be gone. However, along the top of the fighting plane, begin kicking, punching, or using your bat until an invisible, stationary Williams is hit. This "ghost" opponent will not move or attack. Simply keep attacking until your character reaches the max of seven hearts.

Helicopter tip:
On the second level when the helicopter is shooting at you, stand directly on the right side of the ladder. When enemies start coming out of the helicopter by 2's, wait for both of them to get on the ladder at the same time. When they do, execute a cyclone kick and they will both be knocked off the building by the blow.

Level 5 boss tip:
An easy way to kill the boss of the first level is to simply knock him off the edge of the building. This is always an easy way to eliminate enemies. If you are near, water, spikes, or a pit, simply toss them in for an easy kill. On level 5, when you get to the part where the big guys come from the hut, if you time it right, do a jump kick or hurricane kick the minute they walk out the door (the knee move also works) they will fly off the edge for an easy kill and you will save some life.

Extra lives:
When playing alone, select the 2-player B option and beat up your partner. Each time you kill him, you steal one of his lives. This also works well when playing together. If one of you is low on energy, have the other finish you off so you can preserve the life.

Cyclone Kick:
When you knock someone over with a cyclone kick, immediately move about an inch towards him and launch another cyclone. He should get up right into it. Try this against some of the tougher bosses for an easy win.

Hurricane kick:
To pull a hurricane kick, press A and B button at the same time rapidly. You will be thrown into the air and will spin with your leg out for about 2 seconds.

Flying mantis kick:
To pull a flying mantis kick, press A and B buttons together close to an enemy to send them flying across the screen.

Walk up the side of a building:
Go to the wall where the two post are and stand between them. Then hold up and you will walk up the side of the building.

Make a barrel fly into the sky:
Take the barrel and go to edge of the gray building and toss the barrel and it will fly into the sky.

Level 2-3 continue:
On Level 2-3, when the screen shows "Game Over," quickly press Up, Right, Down, Left, A, B. You will then be given the option to Continue/Start. Press Start to continue the game!

Level 4-6 continue:
On Level 4-6, when the screen shows "Game Over," press Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A, A. You will then be given the option to Continue/Start. Press Start to continue the game!

Level 7-9 continue:
On Level 7-9, when the screen shows "Game Over," use Controller 2 and press A, A, B, B, Down,
Up, Right and Left. You will then be given the option to Continue/Start. Press Start on Controller 1 to continue the game!

Game Genie code:
EEEVOIAA - Speed up game
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