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Crystalis (NES)

Location select:
Hold A + B on controller one and press A on controller two during game play to jump to a new location. Keep pressing A to visit up to ten different game locations.

Move past obstacles:
Stand next to the person blocking that path, then hold A and walk into them two times to eliminate the messages that will appear. Then, press the D-pad in the direction opposite to that being blocked. Repeat this to eventually push past the obstacle.

Pause game play:
Press B on controller two to pause the game.

Hint: Stuck in last tower:
If the game is saved in the final tower, your character will not be allowed to leave.

Hint: Cheap items:
Return to Leaf at any time to buy cheap items.

Hint: Fly with the dolphin:
Once you can use the dolphin, (near the third wise man), you can fly at the first island made accessible after getting the boat. Locate the part of the island that juts out on the left side. Use the dolphin, run into that part of the island, and jump as you hit it to fly. Note: Go up the waterfall to find the Barrier spell behind the whirlpool.

Hint: Finding Blizzard Bracelet:
After obtaining the Sword Of Water and Ball Of Ice, go to the river to the east of Brynmaer. Create a ice bridge over the river. Then, go south to the Amazon village, and paralyze the guard at Aryllis's Chamber. Enter the chamber and avoid Aryllis and the guard by walking around them. Climb the stairs behind the throne to find the Blizzard Bracelet.

Where is the Battle Armor?
You go into the town of Goa and go north. You will find an iron door, if you can break this you fight the four bosses over. After fighting general Kelbesque, Sabera, Mado, and Karmine, you meet Kensu. You give him the ivory statue you won from karmine. He teaches you flight. You go in the top exit in the room where you found Kensu. You wander around then find a pink poison pit. You fly or hop over it and see some water. On your side you find a treasure chest. In it is the Battle Armor.

Fight the swamp monster with the second power up:
When fighting the swamp monster near Oak, you only have the first power up to the Sword of Fire. There is a way to fight the swamp monster with the second power up. First, you get the Sword of the Wind and get it on the second power up. Then, go to the sub-screen with the weapons, select the Sword of Fire (do not unselect the Ball of Wind) Then, go to the items sub-screen, select the gas mask, insect flute, and refresh. Then, save without exiting the sub-screen at all. After that, the second power up box should go away. Do all the above sequences in Oak. Then, go in the swamp, take off your gas mask and die (seriously). After you die, continue. You should have the second power up to the Sword of Fire, but do not go to the sub-screen at all (just in the swamp). Go to the place where the place where the swamp monster is Note: When you have the insect flute on you can't fight anyone in the swamp because it wont let you do it. So once you get to the place where the monster is, blow the insect flute and you should be able to fight him with the second power up of the Sword of Fire. Once you defeat him you will get the Ball of Fire.

Where is the Warrior Ring?
You need to do a few things in order at the Fortress of Goa, defeat everyone. After you defeat Karmine, go walk down past the statues and take the stairs. Next walk down across the spikes and take the stairs on the left. Then walk to the left and take the first path up you will come to a blob. Give it the Ivory Statue, it will turn back into Kensu and he will teach you flight. Now go back to the town of Goa and go into the building in the upper right. Then change into Akahana by using the Change Spell. Talk to the man inside and he will give you the Warrior Ring.

Storm Bracelet tip
If you hate the Storm Bracelet making the game go in slow motion, after you release the button and the enemies get hit, press Start and press Start again and the storm will be over. The good part about this is that you can manage to pull off more hits.

Item/Weapon locations
To find the Bow of Sun, it's on the mountain where Shyron is. Its on the opposite Cave of Styx. The Krisa plant is a cave near Portoa, but you go south, through a pass and go east to a cave, when you come out on the other side go northeast and look through a patch of purple flowers once you have it, warp back to The Amazons and change into a girl and give it to the leader there, She gives you the bow of moon, To get the bow of truth you must be in level 16, go to the pyramid (later in the game) defeat Dragoniya and get the chest, suddenly the floor breaks and you fall, look for azteca at the top of the room, talk to him, he gives you the bow of truth.

Game Genie codes (Enter the codes at the very start of game):
NYZGPA Start with 93 Attack Points, then after you get the sword, you have 42 Attack Points.
NYZGIA Start with 80-1 Defence Points. This is a weird code. When you press Start it might go down, plus you might be invincible, or you might die the first time you get hurt.
NYTGPA You are black.
VEOGUOSE Start with 65,280 Gold
VESGUOSE Start with 255 magic points
AAVSPZGT First Pupil gives you 0 Gold
VVAGNO Need 286 experience poinces for Level 2
VVAGXO Only need one experience point for Level 2
VVZGXO Start with the Sword of Wind
VVZGSO Start with the Tanned Hide
VVZKEO Start with the Carapace Shield
VVZKUO Start with the spell Refresh (Press Start to see the item equipped)
PSZAUN Walkthrough monsters
YNZAUN 1 hit kills monsters not bosses
NYUKYU Long distance hits

Poison Forest map
+ means you can go that way from a place.
Intr means a 3-way Intersection
4w means a 4-way Intersection
Cr means it's a corner
DE means Dead-End


------ ++++++ ------
DE + Intr Boss
------ ------ ++++++ ------ ++++++
+ + +
DE + Intr + Intr DE + Intr
+ + +
------ ++++++ ++++++ ------ ++++++
+ + + +
DE + 4w + 4w + Intr + Cr
+ + + +
------ ------ ++++++ ++++++ ++++++ ------
+ + + + +
Exit + Intr + 4w + Intr + 4w + DE
+ + + + +
------ ++++++ ++++++ ------ ++++++ ------
Cr + Cr DE Cr
------ ------ ------ ------

To call the boss, you must have the Insect Flute. I hope you're able to make the guys from the Oak Village reconsider humans... I know I did.
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