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Astyanax (NES)

Level select
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, B(4), Start at the title screen.

Press Up(4), Down, Left, Right, Up, Start at the title screen..

Continue game play
Press A, B, Select, Start at the game over screen.

Hint: Solving the level 5 maze:
Only enter the doors that are guarded by skeletons.

Go to Ceasar with zero energy
At the end of the first level when you are beating the snake boss, if you both kill each other at the same time, he will explode like usual, and you will fall down and get back up again. Now you can go on to Ceasar with zero energy.

Game Genie codes
AKTSPP All enemies are invincible.
AUAKGP Can't see how much life, weapon or spell power you have.
AGISOT The things those green balls drop don't hurt you.
NNPPIS Intro music is changed.
SVLGTX Start with a weapon power upgrade!!
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