Cheats for Top Gun (NES)

Refuel on the first mission

According to the game manual, you aren't able to refuel on the first mission,
but I discovered how you can. Select Tiger Missiles (the ones you only get
10 of), use them all during the mission, and wait until your fuel reaches 4
little bars full. Then press the Start button to call on the fuel plane.

Landing on the carrier

When landing on the carrier its quiet simple. Starting out it will ask you
to speed down. Hold down B and hold the nose all the way up by pulling
up on the stick, or pushing down on the controller. Your speed will bleed
off rapidly. Keep the carrier in the center of the screen and extend the
center line of the carrier through the cross hair. When told to go up.
Add power and pull up. If you do not add power you will slow down to
quickly. For going down cut back on power and push the nose over.

The best landing speed would be about 295-310. Keep it there your
whole approach and you should do fine.


On second and third missions keep plane pointed up to avoid fire from
enemy ships. When on the last mission use T-40 bombs to destroy space
shuttle.If you need to gain speed fast when getting a refill on fuel hold the
A button. When screen flashes danger tilt plane far to the left then abruptly
to the right Keep doing this until danger is gone. Get a high score of 50,000
or more to become the top gun.

Level two tip

On Level 2, hold the up button so you face the water. This way you won't
have to fight many of the planes and only worry about the boats and subs.
I like to go left and right continuously throughout the level, this way
you won't have to fight most of the ships as well. But you will have to
fight some of them, it is a lot easier though.
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