Cheats for Tombs And Treasure (NES)

Control ending sequence
Press the D-pad or Select to control the main characters when they appear after the end credits.

Clue room
Move to the south-east corner of the map, then walk north one screen, walk west one screen, and enter the trees at the first bend in the "tree path". Follow the path that leads to the middle of the west edge, walk one screen west, and continue forward on this hidden path to enter the Nunnery. The "God of Kukulcan" will then reveal a puzzle clue.
Status Password
In Ball Court Yn*% 94,n y5+k /BL? ZLhz HMZ' QLw? "R8H
End 'n&+ T3qy bvL] h8iW %-"4 pkjv =p-y k986
Note: "*" indicates a star.
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