Cheats for Snake's Revenge (NES)

Fill up on items

Go into a door, then go back out, and back in again. And repeat the
sequence until you can't get anymore. Use this to fill up on Ammo,
Rations, etc.

! ! PX 2QD4 Z.N. 1MTH T2XQ 5T26 Q!!1? 17 Base 1
4.T? B4PY 2ND6 ZH2B 136# 61X3 6T26 13 Ship
7R7H ?Y!8 7D## QK4Z X48W !!4#M MY!N 4G Town 1
5!!P! 6#-8 Z56- K9PJ P8W9 7T!7 QGGT 3B Train
JQGG -%DV 6BKM PJ3T W37V G3.L G-ZL 3G Town 2
M!!WN GN9L 4R!!- HK4B 338? W3ZY L#49 53 Cable Car
?7M4 GMVP ?8PB 2X7# 6YR9 ?LD! W3VR GJ Castle
5WN3 8#MV RML9 BRP! %!HT N67Z 3QZ8 26 Final Building
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