Cheats for Mega Man X6 (NES)

Super password
Enter B6 D4 F2 F4 F6 as a password to begin game play with all weapons and items.

Beat helper
Collect the letters B, E, A, and T during game play to unlock Beat.

Level Password
Flame A1/2/3 B1 F5
Blizzard A1 B4 C3 D4 E6
Plant A1/4 B1 C2 F5
Tomahawk A6 C4 D2 E1/5
Yamato A6 B3 C4 D2 E5
Knight B3 C4 D2/6 E5
Centaur B5 D4 F2/4/6
Wind B6 D4 F2/4/6

Hint: Finding the Energy Balancer:
Begin game play at the Tomahawk Man level. Reach the path that splits into an upper branch that leads to a left ladder, and a bottom branch that leads to a right ladder. Move along the upper branch of the path, climb the ladder, jump on to the ladder above the spikes, hang on the lowest rung, then use a Rush Power blast to destroy the cracked block. Enter the new opening to find the Energy Balancer.
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