Cheats for Battletoads (NES)

Six lives
Hold Down + B + A and press Start at the title screen or continue screen. An explosion will confirm correct code entry. Alternatively, hold Down and press A, B, Start at the title screen or continue screen.

Continue game play
Allow the continue timer to expire after one of the players loses all lives. Press Start on the next map screen to continue game play.

Control dragon
Defeat the tool worker and take the stick/sword from him. Use that sword to defeat the dragon during the second half of level 1. Position your character on the dragon and press A to ride it. Tap A to fly and press B to shoot fireballs.

Tip on electrical attacks:
This code prevents you and your team mate from being hurt by electrical attacks (like in the elevator shaft) One of the players must pick up the other (press B when next to them) and put them into any electrical field (You will get shocked, this is normal). *Note: You must still be holding the other player, and you may have to duck to avoid being shocked yourself. Let the other player repeat this move, and both of you will be invincible from electricity. Furthermore, if one dies, the player that dies first is the only one who needs to be re-buzzproofed!

Smash the guns on the wall:
You will be able to smash the guns on the wall that spray out poisonous gas, only if you are holding the stick. If you are not, then your attack will be ineffective. This also works for the suction fans.

Free lives
In the second stage where you are hanging from a rope, their is a way you can rack up on free men. First find one of those evil little black birds and kill it. After you hit it, continue to hit it without letting it fall. After the fifth or sixth hit, it should give you a free life. This is done easier if you have a sword.

Secret Warps:
Level 1 - headbutt the left psycho pig and right away after that, headbutt the right psycho pig and keep running. On the ledge above you there is a warp to Stage 3. This warp only lasts for a few seconds, so run hard.
Stage 3: In the 5th section of the Turbo Tunnel, Ram into the 10th wall to warp to Stage 5
Stage 4: Ride the first falling platform down near the spikes, then jump repeatedly to raise it back up to the top and find a warp to stage 6.
Stage 6: In the second snake room, climb the first snake to the top, then jump off to the right and land on a platform. If you're quick enough, you'll find a warp to stage 8.
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