Чит коды на That's So Raven: Psychic on the Scene (DS)

Cheering up Cory:
At the start of Monday, you will find that Cory has a exclamation point
over his head. Talk to him. He will say he is very depressed and complains
about how he is going to lose his income. Raven will automatically think
that you should tell him a joke to cheer him up. The first joke is at the
Chill Grill. Upon entering the Chill Grill, you will see a man near the
service desk. He will ask you for some chili fries. Go into the kitchen
and pick up the plate from the sink. Pick up the fries from the counter
then put chili on it from the stove. Go out to him and he will give you
ten dollars for your service, and a joke about a string at an exclusive
club will be your tip. Go back to Cory and tell him the joke. He will
thank you and ask for another joke. The other joke is found also at the
Chill Grill. Once you have talked to the boy in the kitchen, go outside to
the alley. Talk to the man by the trash can. He will offer you a picture
he found if you help the chef cook. Go to the chef near the storage
closet. he will not let you in. You will then have a vision about dressing
up as a chef. As soon as you pick up all the pieces of the chef's outfit,
change in the bathroom. Then, talk to the chef. You will help him make a
meal. Go back to the man in the alley. Ask for a picture. Ask if he is
okay then ask if he is "still feeling bad". He will then tell you a joke
about chickens. Tell it to Cory and he will be thankful.
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