Чит коды на SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters (DS)

Free Battle Mode:
Clearing the 13th Floor unlocks Free battle mode where you can face off with
Bosses you have beaten already.

Travel to any floor:
Oce you have 100% completion of the building, you are able to travel to any
floor at any time.

Card Duplication Glitch:
You must have at least two deck recipe to achieve this glitch, naming recipe A
and recipe B

1) Go to the deck/bag screen

2)Load recipe B (touch the menu button above the "OK" button, then the first
button seen)

3)Add the card you want to duplicate to deck (max. 49 cards)

4)Take out card(s) (apart from what you just added) from the deck so that the
number of cards is 50

5) Register the new formed deck recipe to deck recipe A (touch the menu button
and then the second button seen).

6) You will be asked to overwrite the existed recipe or not, choose yes.

7) Load deck recipe B

You will then find the card you just added increases by the number you added.

BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL not to register the new formed deck recipe to deck recipe
B, or you will lose card instead of gain card.
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