Чит коды на Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey (DS)

Secret Demons not found in normal play:
Enter the code to unlock the demon. These are not
found in the normal game, must have code to unlock.

Black Sun, Alciel - ALCARMOR
Cabracan - TRUSTIN SCALY ------- ----- (second line is all dashes)
Demonica-C - Special Password+Chaos
Demonica-L - Special Password+Law
Demonica-N - Special Password+Neutral
Hare of Inaba unlocked that is
15 levels higher than normal - X-X!Hol
Heqet - A toasty frog
Jack Frost - You can't laugh OR cry now!
Koppa Tengu (Password is 2 lines) - Left hand freeze Right hand shock
Megami Ishtar, a level 51 Light-Law demon - ISHTAR FIGHTS (line 1) TAMMUZ ANGELS (line 2)
Mothman - Prophecy of wind
Oni - Thick red skin
Pixie L01 - Madoka Ueno
Promethius L57 - Yu Namba
Queen of the Faeries, Titania - summon smt.queen
Silky - Soothing ice
Yatagarasu L59 - HELP ME
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