Чит коды на Звездные Войны: Сила Необузданная (DS)

Также известная как: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Insert the following cheats into the in-game cheats
menu for the desired result:
holocron - Play in Sith robes
HRMXRKVEN - Play as Darth Vader
KBVMSEVNM - Play as Kento
lightsaber - Increases the power of your lightsaber
mandalore - Play as Rahm Kota
QSSPVENXO - Increase your health
TVENCVMJZ - Infinite Force Energy
wookiee - Play in Jedi robes
EEDOPVENG - Play in Jedi robes
QSSPVENXO - Invincibility
CPLOOLKBF - Maximum Force powers
CURSEZRUX - Ceremonial Jedi robes
HOLOCRON - Sith robes
ZWSFVENXA - Sith robes
CPLZKMZTD - Sith Stalker armor
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