Чит коды на Алиса в Стране Чудес (DS)

Также известная как: Alice in Wonderland
DGamer Honors + DGamer Avatar Unlockables
Before you begin/restart the game, set up a Dgamer profile and create an avatar.
Note: you do NOT need a Wi-Fi connection - just select Offline mode, create your avatar and then go
back to the game once you're done. As you play through the game, you'll unlock "Honors",
which are sort of like Achievements in Xbox 360 or Trophies in PS3 titles.
Additionally, you'll gain Alice-themed costumes and gear for your Dgamer avatar by completing
certain tasks during the game.

Alice Dress/Alice Armor Gain all pieces of the Magic Armor
Caterpillar Outfit Have Absolem join your team
Cheshire Outfit Have The Cheshire Cat join your team
Dormouse Coat Enter "3676" at Password Screen
Hatter Outfit Have the Hatter Join your team
Living Oraculum Unlock every chapter
Puzzle Master Find EVERY map piece/explore all map locations
Red Guard Outfit Defeat one of the tougher armed Red Guards for the first time
Rushed Rabbit Deafeat 50 enemies using McTwisp's SLOW DOWN Ability
Savior of Underland Beat the Jabberwocky!
Stayne Eyepatch Defeat Stayne Twice
Stayne Mantle Defeat Stayne Once
Vorpal Sword Find the Vorpal Sword
Weird, Wise, Malicious Gain the remaining three characters in your party
White Rabbit Jacket Complete Chapter One
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