Чит коды на Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (DS)

Unlockable Basic Tools:
When you walk to the end of the pier, Sabrina will give you a Fishing Rod.
Bianca will give you an axe.
When you reach Lv 2 with your hoe, Rosetta will give you a Sickle.
Leo will give you a hammer when you plow 50 squares in Carmite Cave.
To tame monsters, you need to create a Monster Hut and find the Friendship
Glove. Speak to Tabatha to obtain the Friendship Glove. (Monsters when tamed
will work on the farm and give you ranch products or fight with you as allies.)

Brush, Sheers & Basket:
To obtain a Brush, some Sheers, and a Basket, do the following. YouТll need a
sheep, first off, which can be acquired at Toros Cave. After getting one, head
into town the following day (granted itТs not a holiday). Go to NeumannТs Shop
and talk to Neumann for the Basket. Once done talking to him, talk to Felicity.
She will compliment you on catching an animal and give you the Brush. After you
obtain that, head to CalumТs Shop. Talk to him and he will notice youТve obtained
an animal as well, and hand over the Sheers.

Avoid Tornadoes:
To avoid devastation by tornadoes during the summer months, make sure to save your
game each day before going to bed. Then, if a tornado does come, you can simply
reset your game and try again.

Friendship Glove:
To acquire the Friendship Glove, head to Carmite Cave. Then, exit the cave, talk
to Tabatha, and you will receive the glove from her.

Free Doctor Checkup:
If you want a free checkup by a doctor, simply wait until a festival rolls around.
When it does, find Edward the doctor. Talk to him and heТll offer a completely
free checkup.

Easy Win Egg Festival:
Buy a small egg from Neumann before the day of the Egg Festival. The festival is
held on 23 Spring in your first year. Give the egg as an entry to Jasper at the
Festival to win $5000 and an Empty Bottle. Although you don't have a Cockadoodle
of your own at this point, the egg you buy will still win the contest.

Be sure to have other monsters on your farm with 3 or 4 FP first or this trick will
not work. If your monsters only have zero FP, you may not win the contest.

Extra Cash From Crops:
If you want to make more money off of your crops, try the following. Keep in mind
you must have the Seed Maker item (which you can buy from Ivan) and at least one

Empty Bottle Locations:
To find two empty bottles in the game, do the following. First, go into MistТs house,
go to the cabinet within the house, and press A to find the first of the two empty
bottles. Then, go to JasperТs house and go into the basement, search the boxes near
the stairs, and youТll find another empty bottle by pressing A. (You can also find a
Wine Bottle in JasperТs basement by searching the boxes on the far right side).

Win Lara's Heart:
To win LaraТs heart, try giving her a strawberry everyday.

More Easy Cash:
To make some quick gold, try the following. Just keep in mind that itТs initially a
little pricey to do, so try to have at least 2,000 gold before attempting this.
First, purchase strawberry seeds from Jean (about two backs should be enough). Also,
buy Greenifier from Edward. Plant the seeds in Carmite Cave in an easily accessible
area, and use the Greenifier to level up the crops. When they ripen, youТll have two
level two strawberries.
Sell one and make seeds with the other. Use your profits from the ones you sold to buy
more Greenifier. Within one season, you should have more than 20,000 gold from this alone
if you regularly continue the process. Within a year, you should have enough money to
get an upgraded house from Neumann.
If you want to supplement your earnings, take your fishing rod into the second pool
of water on the floor with the Chirori. This pool has Needlefish and Jamasquid, and
they are both catchable without a rod upgrade and quite rare and worth some money.

Cancelling Item Use:
If you accidentally use an item (or whatever) that you didnТt want to use, the action
can actually be cancelled. Simply head to the inventory menu before the action ends
(whether it be eating, performing, whatever), and the item use will be cancelled.

Mining Money:
With this little tip on making money, you can make over 200,000 gold or so easily in
only one day! First thing you'll need is access to the second or third cave. Then, you
will need a good hammer, preferably level three, although lower levels can still work.
Just go mine away at the two caves for gems and valuable ores such as silver. In the
third cave, for instance, I got a ruby that was worth a base price of 700 gold. But,
since the ruby was a level 19, the selling price of the ruby was multiplied by 19,
which was the level of it. That's 13,300 gold in one gem!
Even lower level gems you get will fetch good prices. In the second cave you can get
sapphires and silver, both worth a good amount per ore and gem. And after multiplying
their base price by their level, you get tons of money!

Easy WiFi Money:
Please keep in mind that this won't work unless you're connected via WiFi and have at
least one friend registered on the game. If you do, simply have you and your friend
take one item (the larger the price of the item the better) and keep sending it to one
another over WiFi. Each time its sent, its value will increase by one gold piece, adding
to the base sale value. The same method can be used to get really good weapons, since a
cheap weapon will have its base value increased as well, making it more valuable.

Clearing the Field:
In order to clear your field without any in-game time elapsing, try the following. When
first starting the game, you will talk to someone named Mist and be asked to follow her
to the farm. Enter the farm as requested, but don't talk to Mist again. Instead, clear
your field and plow a 3x3 spot for some turnip seeds. Then talk to Mist. You will have
plowed your field and prepared it without any in-game time elapsing.

Raising Friendship:
During festivals or other events (excluding any normal holidays that occur during the
week), you can get your friendship level raised with those around you rather easily.
The only condition is that you must have talked to that person prior to the festival
or event. Simply go and find that person and talk to that person once to raise the
friendship level you share with that character by a single point. You can do this with
all available characters, but keep in mind you can only raise your friendship level one
point per character per event.

Cave Mining & Farming:
Once you've reached the third cave, grab your watering can, hammer and sword. Go west
in the first room, then head northeast in the second, and use your watering can to go
through the fire wall in the room. Beyond it, you'll reach a small cavern.
There's a generator that creates Beetles in the room. When you mine rocks here, you
have twice the likelihood of getting a rare item like a Fire Crystal or Diamond. Many
of them are high levels, and you can earn serious cash mining here in a single trip.
It's also a great place to grow crops, because there's a pond in the cavern.

Extra Bottle:
Whenever you get your mail and it tells you there's a treasure hunt the following day,
take place in it. Enter the park above town, and speak to the Mayor. He'll give you a
hint on where to find the item you seek - a bottle. After you acquire it, give it to
the Mayor. He'll ask you what you want for your prize. You can get some gold or wood,
or keep the bottle yourself!

Friends With Emment:
If you want to become friends with Emment, try the following. Head to Jasper's Manor and
go right up to the wall in front of the door. Go down some stairs and into the basement,
and then head to the far end (near the stairs). There's an item there called a Roullabouti.
Take this item to Emment and he will become your friend.
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