Чит коды на Rhythm Heaven (DS)

Airboard mini-game:
Successfully complete Remixes 1 through 6.

All jukebox songs:
Get a "Perfect" rank on all 50 stages. Note: In order to get a "Perfect"
rank on a song, wait until it randomly becomes available as eligible for
that rank. This is indicated by the frame for the stage changing color and
becoming wider. You can now try three times to get a "Perfect" rank on
that stage. If you are unsuccessful, the "Perfect" rank eligibility will
disappear or switch to another stage.

Guitar lessons:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding lesson. Note: This
will only unlock the first lesson under a specific difficulty setting.
More medals must be earned to unlock additional lessons.

Basic guitar lessons: Complete Rocker (stage 6-3) with at least 15 medals.

Technical guitar lessons: complete Rocker 2 (stage 10-4) with at least 35

Reach a high level on a stage to unlock a medal. After earning a medal,
the icon of the stage will have a gold border.

Telephone mini-game bonus songs:
Get four medals to unlock the telephone mini-game in "Rhythm Toys". Dial
the following codes during the telephone mini-game to get a hidden song
from Rhythm Tengoku on the Game Boy Advance. Note: The codes can be found
at various hidden locations.

Dial 831[Music Note]831[Music Note]831[Music Note] (found in Business Card
under "Rhythm Toys"; requires 1 medal).
Dial 2[Music Note]21[Music Note]98 (found in Tunnel Endless; requires 12
Dial 246936[Music Note]1 (found in Samurai Endless; requires 17 medals).
Dial 44[Music Note]8231[Music Note] (found in Live Contest; unlocked by
completing all 50 stages).
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