Чит коды на Real Time Conflict: Shogun Empires (DS)

Army grouping:
From the start of the game up until the end, the enemy always spreads troops out.
If you try this at the beginning of the game, your army will be destroyed.
Instead, when selecting units in battle, send the entire army together. They
will help each other fight and live through the battles. Always send your army
as one large team to obliterate the enemy.

When upgrading, always upgrade the Archers first. The Archer will attack from a
distance. First, upgrade Archer Health, then Archer Attack/Power, and finally
Archer Speed. When your Archer's abilities are maxed, they will do the most
damage and kill enemies with little to no casualties. Then, focus on the
abilities of the Spear-Men. After them, strengthen your Swordsmen.
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