Чит коды на Pokemon SoulSilver Version (DS)

Earning Stars and Colours for your Trainer's Card:
The following tasks can be completed in any order, and are not linked to any particular trainer card colour.
You gain one star for completing any single task, up to a cumulative total of five stars for completing all
of the following tasks: - Beat the Elite Four. - Defeat Red - Win 100 consecutive battles
in Battle Tower - Show Hibiki 5 Gold Leaf pokemon - Capture all 493 Pokemon (excluding event-only Pokemon)

Black Card - Obtain all 5 stars
Blue Card - Obtain 1 star
Bronze Card - Obtain 2 stars
Gold Card - Obtain 4 stars
Red Card - You start with this
Silver Card - Obtain 3 stars

National Dex:
Beat the Elite Four once and go to the S.S Aqua ship in Olivine City to get the National dex.
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