Чит коды на Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (DS)

Wonder Mail S:
Go to the Top Menu and select "Wonder Mail S", Then enter these codes.

=QTP+ NWTJCTK 9=53# - Gabite Scale
=QTP+ 13TJHXK 9K53# - Golden Apple
F#46P YNNMXN+ 0T&X2 - Golden Mask
0SNJ8 5X+313T 2#- - Golden Seed
WW@94 7Q9#6#& PWYXK - Lost Loot
5Q4%6 1KP1X8C 0XKS6 - Mystery Part
RJ-7% 9@63&0+ F50KN - Rotom Recruit
QY1&T F2@MY&Q 0R3XF - Secret Slab
0Y==K F32CNFX Y%&W% - Space Globe
5RPP% -7-1-+S %#W%# - Wonder Gummi
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