Чит коды на Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver (DS)

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this is for heartgold and soulsilver nothing else.KK? Ok first u need all 8 badges
like me. When u have that, turn on ur radio. There will be evil music playing and a
Rocket talking. Go to Goldenrod's Radio Tower, there will be a lot of Rockets. U
go inside and there will be a Rocket blocking the stairs. Go to the underground tunnel,
there will be a Rocket there, he has a uniform for u. U put it on automaticly.(NOTE:
U need an action replay with the code move anywhere A.K.A walk thru walls) ok so u
have the uniform on, go outside and walk thru the building outside the gate. why do
that? because there are Rockets blocking the exits. u walk out... bingo! ur a rocket
(NOTE: u cannot fly, and if u surf u turn back to normal.)
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