Чит коды на Pokemon Diamond (DS)

Getting all Pokemon:
You cannot catch all Pokemon in this game. You must trade them from your Game
Boy Advance Pokemon games. In this game, you can get all the fourth generation
Pokemon, but only about fifty original Hoenn/Kanto/Johto Pokemon.

National Dex/Completing the Shinou Dex:
Luckily, in this game, all you have to do to complete the Shinou Dex is SEE all
the Pokemon in the Dex, as opposed to catching them like in previous games. And
once you see all the Pokemon, you unlock the National Dex. There are 151 Pokemon
in the Shinou Dex, but not all the new Pokemon are included in it.

Manaphy egg:
To get the manaphy egg on daimond you must get a specail mssion on ranger net
called recover the manaphy egg. Then you can check n the egg in ranger net and
then click it it will say searching then put daimond in another ds and search
and then it will transfer the egg to daimond.

Unlock Pal Park:
Pal Park will be on route 221 when you get the National Dex.

Dual Trade:
Dual trading is a special trick its not really a cheat. If you insert pokemon
emerald into the Game boy slot & Diamond you trade the pokemon onto each other
game. But you cant send new pokemon back to emerald.

Unlimited Pokemon Transfers:
The fact you can transfer Pokemon from Ruby,Sapphire,FireRed,LeafGreen,and
Emerald to Diamond and Pearl is cool, but you can only transfer six a day. To
transfer unlimited Pokemon just go to the settings for your ds and change the
date to one day ahead and transfer the Pokemon for that date. Do that as much as
you want.

Hidden item:
To find the secret item,go to wayward cave.Go to where you find Mira,get her
then when you are going to leave the cave,instead of heading out go down to
where the 2 trainers are and fight them.When you win head down to wherethe rocks
are and press a at each one.When you find the right one,it will say you have
picked up a tiny mushroom(also,you need to have rock smash and needed to of
beeten the 2nd gym).

Blue shellos:
To catch a blue shellos go to route 231 and you should find it.

National Dex:
Complete your Sinnoh Pokedex by seeing all 150 Sinnoh region Pokemon, go to
Prof. Rowan's lab and talk to him. Prof Oak will dash in and upgrade it.

Adment Orb:
There is a very special orb just made for Dialga. It is at the place where you
catch him. The Sear Pillar. It powers up Dragon and Steel type moves. Dialga is
Dragon and Steel type. It's a hold item.

How to get Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf:
Who are these three well once on the top of Mt.Coronets You'll see Dialga and
his mighty power's will be quelled by these three pokemon.Later on in the game
or so you'll spot the three pokemon in a lake each and here are there
desriptions:The yellow pokemon Uxie Lv.50 The blue pokemon Azelf Lv.50 and The
pink pokemon Mesprit Lv.50 well I know what UR thinking there all the same way
to catch ennnnnnnnnt! U.R wrong the last pokemon Mesprit once u talk to it,
itll' flee but it in your map dont worry.[P.S there only there once soI suggest
put to sleep,or paralye wellgood luck.

Future cheat:
If you've ever played pokemon colloseum or XD gale of darkness there will be a
release on a game called pokemon battle revolution where pokemon acually hit

To get this legendary pokemon go to canalave city after you beat the game and
head into the sailors house and you should see his kid is in his bed. talk to
the kid and the mom then the sailor will come in and ask you to go to new moon
island to retrieve medicine. go from his boat and go up to cresselia at new moon
island. it will dissapear but grab the item then head back to canalave. the boy
will be cured and then to get cresselia look on the poketech app. that you used
to catch mesprit and start chasing down cresselia.

Transfer Items:
Once you get The Nat. Dex you unlock the pal park in which you get pokemon from
your other games. All you have to do is put the items you want on the pokemon
your migrating to diamond/pearl and when you catch them they will have the items
even master balls.

Multi-battles galor:
You must have cut and must have skipped cheryl in eterna forest. go to eterna
forest and you will see cheryl go through the forest but before you get to the
end you will see 3 cut trees cut one and go up you will see a house go in its
the old chauetu then go right out and cheryl will disappear go in the grass and
you will find 2 pokemon ALL THE TIME. to get rid of her go backto the beginig
and leave the forest. warining cant use fly surf rockclimb or water fall cant
see cheryl either.

Mystery gift for 3 new pokemon:
To get the mystery gift, first go to the 3rd floor of Jubilife TV and talk to a
man standing next to a woman. He'll tell you to say something then say everyone
happy. Then he'll tell you to say another thing, say wi-fi connection. Then
he'll be reminded of the words and give you the mystery gift. Now the Pokemon

A Good Team For The Elite Four:
Here iss a pretty good team for the elite four:


( Note: you need a couple of others too.)

All 20 poketech apps:
1. Digital Watch
2. Calculator
3. Memo Pad
4. Pedometer
5. Pokemon List
6. Friendship Checker
7. Dowsing Machine
8. Berry Seacher
9. Day-Care Checker10.Pokemon History
11. Counter
12. Analog Watch
13. Marking Map
14. Link Searcher15.Coin Toss
16. Move Tester
17. Calendar
18. Dot Artist
19. Roulette
20. Trainer Counter

Contest Glitch:
There is a glitch in the GREAT RANK CUTE CONTEST in Hearthome City,first you get a
level 60 BUNEARY (any level will do mines was on 60)in the last round in the battle
part (your Buneary must know BOUNCE!) use bounce on the contest judge DEXTER he will
say buneary gets 3+ hearts but instead of getting 3 you get 2 an Buneary will use
bounce in the air.

Snowy iron island (requires action replay DS):
Use the walk through walls cheat. fly to snowpoint city. run out of the boundaries. once
you are in the mystery zone, run to the iron island place on the map. DONT stop anywhere
else, unless you want that place to be snowy. (yes, it works anywhere!) once you get there,
it will be snow covered!
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