Чит коды на Personal Trainer: Cooking (DS)

Chef mini-game:
Use the "Timer" function on any of the recipes that require time to be tracked.
After the timer has completed and the recipe has finished, you will unlock the
"Chef" mini-game from Game And Watch, with both the Game A and Game B
variations. Alternately, on a recipe that uses the built-in timer, use it, and
intentionally allow the time to run out before completing the recipe.

"History And Staff" option:
Cook twenty recipes to unlock the "History And Staff" option at the "Settings"
menu. Select that option to view the game's credits on the touch screen and a
summary of your cooking on the top screen.

Hidden recipes:
Successfully complete the indicated tasks to unlock the corresponding recipe:
All Chocolate: Cook one of each recipe from every country in North
America and South America.
Tarte Tatin: Cook one of each recipe from every country in Europe and North
Wonton Soup With Prawns: Cook one of each recipe from every country in Asia
and Oceania.
Zuppa Inglese: Play the game on your birthday.

Birthday message:
Play the game on your birthday to get a birthday message as well as a birthday
icon on the top screen.
New Year's Day message
Play the game on January 1.
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