Чит коды на Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends (DS)

Cavalier KC Spaniel:
Get to 2000 trainer points to unlock the spaniel in the Kennel. To check trainer
points go to: Go Out, Info, Trainer Info.

Sheltie dogs:
To get a sheltie dog get 4000 trainer points. To check your points: Click go
out, Info, Trainer info and your current trainer points should be listed in the
bottom_left hand-side of the screen!

Make your dog streach:
Go and select your brush and brush a dog.While your brushing your dog, slowly go
behind your dogs paw with your brush.Then slowly bring your dogs paw up.If done
correctly your dogs paw will be held up with your brush.

Unlock pets:
Unlock the following pets at these trainer points:

Cavalier KC Spaniel:2000 points
Schnauzer:20000 points
Corgi: 10000
Pug: 16000
husky: 22000
shiba: find Japanese print collar
poodle: 14000
desktop room: 6000
space room: 18000
ballons: 300
jerky treats: 200
dog biscuits: 100
jump rope: 300
natural dog food bag: 10000
pull rope: 300
urban living room: 25000
Windup toy: 10000
seaside room: 12000
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