Чит коды на MySims Kingdom (DS)

Detective outfit:
Press [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right]
to unlock the Detective outfit.

Unlock Samarai Outfit:
Do you want to wear a samarai outfit in Mysims Kingdom?
Well press pause and enter the following codes:
Samarai Armor — [Y] [X] [Right] [Left] [L] [R] [Down] [Up]
Samarai Helmet — [X] [Y] [R] [L] [X] [Y] [R] [L]

Unlock Punk Outfit:
On the Pause menu...(meaning you Press Start to Pause the game) then
press in the codes and press continue then check your closet. The pause
menu will have PAUSE at the top. Then, the Continue button. Then, the
Save Game button. And, Return to Title Screen Button.
Punk Bottom — [Left] [R] [L] [Right] [Y](x2) [X](x2)
Punk Top — [Up] [X] [Down] [Y] [Left] [L] [Right] [R]
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