Чит коды на Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (DS)

Different costume:
Beat the characters medium story.

Green Costume:
Beat the characters short story.

Negative Zone:
Beat The HT's story on Long then pay 9.9k in the comic shop.

Beat Spiderman's story on Long.

The Thing:
Beat Wolverines story in medium, then pay 6000$ in the comic shop.

Beat Wolverines story on Medium and then pay 6000 dollars in the
Comic Shop.

Beat Iron Man's Short Arcade then pay 8k at the Comic Shop.

Iron Man:
Beat Wolverine's Long story then pay 9k in the shop.

Non-flaming Human Torch Costume:
Beat Human Torch's Medium then pay 5k at the shop.

The Wink:
Beat Electra's Story on short then Pay 7k at the shop.
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