Чит коды на Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS)

Yellow Pots:
The Yellow Pots you see give you extra time in your Phantom Hourglass, even if
you're in a room where the time has stopped.

Red Pots:
The Red Pots that you see create small spots to hide from the Phantoms. These
are very helpful when you're on the run from a Phantom.

Talking Skeletons:
The Skeletons that you may see in the Temple of the Ocean King and possibly even
other temples give you helpful hints to get past that portion of the game.
Eventually, the three Skeletons in the first room of the Temple of the Ocean
King will give you tips for fifty rupees each.

Easy Travel:
When you get to the northwestern part of the sea if you go to the 2nd temple and
find a crack in the wall and use the bombs you will find another one of
wayfareres studies if you look at the map it will show 2 xs on these xs are
islands now the one closer to the south has a secret if you go there and ask one
of the five statues it will give a riddle the first one is a rudder the second
one sprays the third on paddles and the other can see now if you draw the island
out on your map it look like a giant whale the tail is first (acts as a rudder)
the water coming from its blowhole is second (the second sprays) the third is
its fin (paddles) and the third one is its eye so if you want to do it without
drawing do east, north ,south and then west in that order then a bridge will
appear go in there and talk to the giant golden frog it will give you an item
that will harness the power of the cyclones.
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