Чит коды на Kirby Squeak Squad (DS)

Unlock Boss and Cake:
By completing the game you can unlock Boss Endurance mode for Minigame
and a Cake for your collection

Unlock Time Attack mode:
Collect all 120 chests throughout the game. To unlock Time Attack mode.

Birthday message:
Set the system date to the date entered for your birthday in the system
settings. After the introduction sequence, a short "Happy Birthday!"
message featuring various Kirby characters will appear.

Defeating Meta Knight:
To defeat Meta Knight in World 7, get the Sword Scroll. Have the Sword
and Fire/Ice/Thunder in your inventory. Combine the Sword and one of them.
This makes it so you have a Fire/Ice/Thunder Sword. The Fire burns grass
and enemies, Ice freezes, and Thunder allows you to hit metal on the ground
and send jolts of electricity traveling through the room.^
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