Чит коды на Hannah Montana (DS)

You can design:
To make Hannah awesome clothes,press start,touch city map with your stylus,and
go to Miley's house.Now your in her room on the right side there is a dressing
room the secret shape is a heart. Touch the door and draw the heart. When
inside,go to the flashing design table andyou see shirts and pants,pick the ones
of your choice, give them a sweet texture,and save withe the little floppy disk
at tht bottom right hand corner. Your all set for Hannah Montana's next show!

You're the designer:
This hint will help you if you think you can design. Alright,press start to go
to the city map, then go to Miley's house.When your in her room go to the right
of the roomand Hannah Montana's Dressing room is there. The secret shape is a
heart so, draw the heart,go in to room, over to the flashing designing table,and
create! Now thru out the game people give you new design's. Good luck on making
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