Чит коды на Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy (DS)

When in the underground city, while facing the giant heads that you have
to fight then use alchemy, destroy two then transmute a wall. Jump on top
of wall. You will then be able to jump over the head.

Unlock Character Mode:
Comple Story Mode.

Unlock Gallery pictures:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding picture in the

Unlock Hard Mode:
Complete story mode.

Unlock Picture 1-1:
Complete the game eight times and select the squares at the end.

Unlock Picture 1-2:
Have the Game Boy Advance game Fullmetal Alchemist: Omoide no Sonata in
the cartridge slot.

Unlock Picture 1-3:
Have the Game Boy Advance game Full Metal Alchemist:Hagane no
Renkinjutsushi in the cartridge slot.

Unlock Picture 2-1:
Complete character mode as Ed without continuing.

Unlock Picture 2-2:
Complete character mode as Al without continuing.

Unlock Picture 2-3:
Complete character mode as Mustang without continuing.

Unlock Picture 3-1:
Complete character mode as Armstrong without continuing.

Unlock Picture 3-2:
Complete character mode as Scar without continuing.

Unlock Picture 3-3:
Complete character mode as Izumi without continuing.

Unlock Sound Library Voices:
Successfully complete character mode to unlock that character's voice in
the Sound Library.
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