Чит коды на Fossil Fighters (DS)

Team strategy:
The following two Vivosaurs can improve your teams greatly:
Compso (applied to enemy AZ: Attack down 90%, Defense down 90%), found at
Donation Center (200 points per fossil).
Smilo (applied to own AZ: Attack down 10%, Defense up 90%, Evasion up 90%),
found at Parchment Desert (available only after the main game).
These two dinosaurs work well with many Vivosaurs. They have lower attack power
than others, but their low FP cost and great Support Effects make up for it.
Combine them with certain Vivosaurs, like Pachy, to use team attacks.

Easier fossil cleaning:
Some fossils are less durable than others. Check how hard the fossil is by using
the drill. If the drill does not break the outer rock, use the hammer. Do not
break it all the way through with the hammer or you will probably also break the
fossil. Make sure to use the X-ray to scan exactly where the fossil is found in
the rock. To save time, drill only where there is bone.

Elemental strengths:
The elements have the following strength order:

Fire is stronger than Earth.
Earth is stronger than Air.
Air is stronger than Water.
Water is stronger than Fire.
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