Чит коды на Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day (DS)

Daily training:
Earn stamps by playing through one of the recommended training activities
every day. Stamps will unlock the following bonuses up to a certain point,
after which you'll just unlock hard modes for all the activities you
haven't already done so for.

'C' Count
Get 7 stamps

Get 4 stamps

Circle Spot
Get 5 stamps

Custom Training mode
Get 1 stamp

Eye Knowledge mode
Get 14 stamps

Fast Match
Get 9 stamps

Get 10 stamps

Letter Count
Get 3 stamps

Number Tap
Get 11 stamps

Record Challenge mode
Get 13 stamps

Get 8 stamps

Stamp Design no.5
Get 12 stamps

Stamp Design no.6
Get 15 stamps

Table Tennis
Get 2 stamps

Get 6 stamps

Get more games:
Here is a good way to unlock more activities in a single day, rather than
waiting for them to unlock over time. All you have to do is turn the game
on, do a given activity, shut the game off, remove the game from the DS,
then put the date up one day. Put the game back in the DS, unlock and play
the next activity, and repeat the process as needed.

Hard modes:
Attain the highest ranking for an activity to unlock its hard mode. Core
games require an "Advanced" (80%) and sports games need a "Pro" (90%).
Alternatively, you can unlock the hard modes by earning stamps after all
the activities have been unlocked.

Special messages:
Play the game on various celebration days (Christmas, New Year's,
Halloween, Birthday etc.) to receive a warm welcome when you begin.
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