Чит коды на Final Fantasy 3 (DS)

Best jobs for start of the game:
The four best jobs you should have when you first get to use the jobs is a
Warrior, Black Mage, White mage, and Red Mage. These four jobs should help
you a lot.

Black Belt and Monk:
When you are able to get the job(s) monk and or Blackbelt get them on one
of you characters immediately!

Monk and Blackbelt do massive amounts of damage even without weapons.
Monks are the early stage but have about the highest vitality early and
can do 9,999 as early as lvl 30 in some cases or earlier.

Blackbelts are the upgraded rank of monk but can do much more damage.
Monks can boost their attack so on the next turn it can unleash a massive
blow. Blackbelt also have super high vitality and agility so they can
strike first, strike long, and strike hard.

Call Me Ninja:
In order to acquire the Ninja class -- considered to be the strongest
class of them all -- you need to go to Eureka (a sidequest area found in
the first floor of Sylx Tower) and go all the way through it. When seeing
the last teleport (the one who usually takes you to an area with stores),
turn all the way left and you will see a floating staff. By touching it
you'll fight Scylla, who gives you this class, when defeated.

Duplicate Consumable Items:
All useable items (not weapons/armors/magic) can be duped using this
method, as mentioned,

1. Open the menu during "walkabout mode" (i.e., not in a battle).

2. Select "Items" and put the item you want duplicated in the top left
corner of the item list.

3. Engage in a random battle. During battle, select the item command for
any character.

4. Your cursor should be at the very top left of the item box (and on the
item you have placed there). Press UP and A at the same time. This should
briefly take you to Weapon and Shield lists. If you see this, the code has
worked after you hit the B button. Go to your inventory and you will
notice that the item quantity has been added by one. You may do this for
any item that is stackable.
Duplicate Magic
*WARNING: This item duplication will ruin the game play, please note to do
this at your own risk. If may also damage your save file so please
duplicate your save before you attempt this.

In Final Fantasy 3, all magics can be duped using this method, as
mentioned, please use at your own risk.

1)Open menu screen via non-battle.
2)Select "Magic"
3)Go to any character you desire and select by A Button
4)Once at the magic menu, go select Trade (koukan)
5)Highlight a character that has magic you want to duplicate, but do not
push the accept button (A button). Simply highlight the character (Hover
the cursor on the character)
6)After highlighting the character you wish to duplicate magic off, hit
the cancel button once (B button)
7)You should be back to the first character you chose, now go select
Remove (Hazusu)
8)Now, move your cursor to the level and space of magic you wish to
duplicate from the character you highlighted. You will get and hear the
error message, but in reality, you are removing the magic that you don't
even have(duplicated magic).

*You will now that the glitched worked on begging of step8 if the
description of the magic you want to duplicate is describe in the text
box. If you are using the character that has magic already (the one you
chose on step 3) in the level you want to duplicate magics off, make sure
you remove all magic he has equipped on before Step 1, other wise you will
rewrite the loose the magic with the one you are trying to duplicate.

Easy Experience and Gil:
In the Crystal Tower, there are summoner enemies that will summon
creatures to attack you. If you continue to kill their summoned creatures
but donТt slay the summoner itself, you can make a lot of Gil and
experience while staying in the same battle. So, for instance, if you
fight the summonerТs creatures 30 times, you will make in the region of
100,000 Gil and 72,400 experience.

Easy Gil:
Go to the Town Of The Ancients and talk to the child two stories up the
grass hills. He is back behind the stairs. He will tell you that he will
give you a prize if you ride around the continent. Leave town and go east
a bit. Get a Chocobo and ride around the outside of the continent. Go back
and talk to the child for your rewards. Sell them, then repeat.

Easy Job Leveling:
If you want to be able to level up a character to job level 99 in any
given job in only a few hours, try the following. Enter a random battle
with as weak of an enemy as you can find (since it's arbitrary how strong
the creature is). Select the "Guard" command for your characters. Do this
for four rounds. On the fifth round, kill the enemy party. Each character
will receive a job level. Repeat as needed.
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