Чит коды на Final Fantasy 12: Revenant Wings (DS)

Airship decorations:
Complete the indicated task after Chapter 4 to unlock the corresponding
item for the Airship.

DecorationHow to unlock:
Ald Fountain
Obtain 1,000,000g or more

Arawashi's Statue
Have a contract with 12 or more espers

Copper Crest
5% missions complete

Ever-Summer Flower Bed
Win 100 free battles or more

Golden Crest
45% missions complete

Granite Fountain
Obtain 500,000g or more

Marble Fountain
Obtain 100,000g or more

Silver Crest
25% missions complete

Sparse Flower Bed
Win 5 free battles or more

Stuffed Tomato
Have a contract with all espers

Supreme Crest
100% missions complete

Viera Goddess Statue
Have a contract with 25 or more espers

Vivid Flower Bed
Win 20 free battles or more

Wings of Light Crest
65% missions complete

Alternate ending:
Beat the game with 100% mission cleared.
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