Чит коды на DK Jungle Climber (DS)

Another Cheat Mode:
Collect the indicated number DK coins to unlock the corresponding option
at the 'Cheat' menu.

Choose between 5 or 20 lives after game over: 5 DK Coins
Make Diddy's hammer swing faster: 10 DK Coins
Wing Power-up Cheat: 15 DK Coins
Torch Power-up Cheat: 20 DK Coins
Crystal Stars cheat: 25 DK Coins

Bonus Levels:
Collect the all oil barrels in the indicated level.
Then press X to have Funky fly you to the corresponding bonus level.

Little Chill 'n' Char Island: The five oil barrels in Chill 'n' Char Island.
Little Ghost Island: The five oil barrels on Ghost Island.
Little High High Island: Both oil barrels in Little High High Island.
Little Lost Island: The five oil barrels on Lost Island.
Little Sun Sun Island: The four oil barrels on Sun Sun Island.

Bonus Stages:
Complete the main storyline with the indicated number of banana coins to
unlock the corresponding bonus stage in the 'Extra' menu.

Stage 1 - 10 banana coins.
Stage 2 - 20 banana coins.
Stage 3 - 30 banana coins.
Stage 4 - 40 banana coins.
Stage 5 - 50 banana coins.
Stage 6 - 60 banana coins.
Stage 7 - 70 banana coins.
Stage 8 - 80 banana coins.
Stage 9 - 90 banana coins.
Stage 10 - 100 banana coins.
Stage 11 - All 105 banana coins.
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