Чит коды на Dinosaur King (DS)

Defeat Dr. Z. A message stating that the seal on the Ancient shrine has been
broken will appear. Then enter one of the following passwords in Europe next to
the shrine to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Ace/ChompLightning, Grass, Fire, Earth, Water, Water, Lightning, Fire
AltirinusWind, Fire, Fire, Fire, Lighting, Earth, Water, Grass
CarnotaurusEarth, Wind, Water, Lighting, Fire, Wind, Wind, Water
Chibi form Chomp/AceLighting, Grass, Fire, Earth, Water, Water, Lighting,

aspletosaurusGrass, Water, Lightning, Lightning, Earth, Earth, Water,

EurophaseloupsEarth, Earth, Grass, Water, Wind, Earth, Wind, Fire
JobariaWater, Lighting, Lighting, Earth, Fire, Earth, Fire, Wind
Mini KingLighting, Wind, Earth, Lighting, Grass, Wind, Fire, Water
MonocloniusLighting, Earth, Water, Water, Grass, Fire, Earth, Wind
ParisGrass, Water, Water, Earth, Wind, Grass, Lighting, Lighting
ShanganganxFire, Water, Earth, Grass, Wind, Lighting, Fire, Water
SiamotyrranusFire, Wind, Fire, Water, Wind, Grass, Fire, Water
SpinyWater, Earth, Fire, Water, Fire, Grass, Wind, Earth
TankEarth, Grass, Earth, Water, Wind, Water, Grass, Fire
TerryFire, Lightning, Wind, Wind, Water, Fire, Fire, Earth
TriceratopsLighting, Fire, Lighting, Fire, Water, Lighting, Grass, Earth

Stone Circle area:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Stone Circle area.

West Dust Hills area:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the West Dust Hills area.

Awakened Carnotaurus/Triceratops:
During the battle with Seth, defeat his first dinosaur, then lose. You will get
the awakened form of the first dinosaur.

Successfully complete the "Father" quest to unlock the Lambeosaururs.
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