Чит коды на Diddy Kong Racing (DS)

Super Boost:
Before landing on a zipper or using a blue balloon, let go of the acceleration
to get a much stronger longer lasting boost then normal

Unlock Adventure 2:
Complete everything in Adventure 1. After the second Wizpig race in space and the
credits,you'll unlock Adventure 2Adventure 2 Complete Adventure 1

Unlock the Secret Characters:
There are 4 hidden characters that can be unlocked

Taj - Complete Adventure 1
Wizpig - Complete Adventure 2
T.T Beat - all of his ghosts in Single Player Race. It DOESNT include the new
unlockable stages
Drumstick - Fling a frog up to the green sillouette shaped frog picture in the
world map
(To the left of Wizpigs face). Stomp on the frog that comes out.
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