Чит коды на Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol (DS)

General Hints:
To use park projects, make friends with toys. To get new tunes,
give the monkey toy a burger. When doing park projects, try to
till the earth first. It will make everything easier.

Quick Happy Points:
Give Pop and Fizz a PopFizz soda
Give Francois a Candy Cane
Give the Private a Chocolate bar
Give Bull some Gum
Give the Car a healthy snack
Give the girl behind the counter some blue flowers
Give the flower shop man the flower of the day or some rainbow flowers
Run over the weeds with a toy car

Water flower buds:
Explode smoglings with water

Throw trash in trash can:
Make pink flowers scatter their seeds

Unlock infinite energy:
Beat the game.
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