Чит коды на Cartoon Network Racing (DS)

All bonuses:
Enter GIMMIE as a code.

Speedy mode:
Enter AAARGH as a code. This will enable all hazards and pickups in Time Trial

Stone dumb rockets:
Enter STONEME as a code. Shoot a rocket to fire a stone block that can turn other
players to stone.

Unlimited dumb rockets:
Enter ROCKETMAN as a code.

Overhead view:
Enter IMACOPTER as a code.

Unlimited Superpower energy:
Enter SPINACH as a code.

Win the indicated championship to unlock the corresponding mini-game for purchase.

CN Sketchbook (1,000 Toon Coins): Cowardly Championship
Kart Kurling (10,000 Toon Coins): Pork Butt Championship

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding mini-game for purchase.

Dexter's Rival (5,000 Toon Coins): Win the Booger Championship.
Telephonies (1,0000 Toon Coins): Set a record in Time Trial mode.
Black Sheep (25,000 Toon Coins): Win the Flipped-Out Cowardly Championship.
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