Чит коды на Brain Age Express: Math (DS)

Challenge mode:
Have a Brain Age score of 20 to unlock Challenge mode.

Slideshow mode:
Successfully complete any three themes to unlock Slideshow mode.

Collect the indicated number of stamps to unlock the corresponding bonus. One
stamp is earned each day that a training mini-game is completed. Note: To play
the Virus Buster training mini-game, you must have earned a stamp for that day.

By The Numbers training mini-game: 1 stamp
Battle mode for Sum Totaled mini-game: 5 stamps
Stamp Design mode: 3 stamps
Tips mode: 7 stamps
Change Maker training mini-game: 10 stamps
Virus Buster training mini-game: 12 stamps
Comment Settings: 15 stamps
Change Pin Tip mode: 17 stamps
Triangle training mini-game: 20 stamps
Calculations X 100 Hard mode: 23 stamps
Multi Tasker training mini-game: 25 stamps
Triangle Math Hard mode: 28 stamps
Multi Tasker Hard mode: 30 stamps
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