Чит коды на Brain Age Express: Arts and Letters (DS)

Destroy all enemies (Word Attack Space Mode):
During the Space mode of the Word Attack training game, if you press AYXB exactly in that order,
all of the enemies on screen will be destroyed. NOTE: You only get to use this one time every time
you train with this.

AYXB - Destroy all enemies (Word Attack - Space mode)

Unlockable Games and Modes:
Once a day, if you do a Training game or a Brain Age Check, you will get a stamp. Should you collect
enough of these stamps, you will unlock new games, modes, and options. NOTE: To do Virus Buster after
it's unlocked, you must have a stamp for that day.

Change Pen Tip - Get 22 stamps
Change Stamp Design - Get 03 stamps
Comment Settings - Get 08 stamps
Meet and Greet - Get 24 stamps
Meet and Greet - Hard Mode - Get 30 stamps
Photo Recall - Hard Mode - Get 18 stamps
Piano Player - Get 10 stamps
Piano Player - Hard Mode - Get 27 stamps
Select the Piano Player song (2nd time and thereafter each day) - Get 20 stamps
Slideshow Mode - Complete any two Themes
View Tips - Get 16 stamps
Virus Buster - Get 13 stamps
Word Attack - Get 01 stamp
Word Attack - Space Mode - Get 06 stamps
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