Чит коды на Black Sigil: Blade Of The Exiled (DS)

Sigil pieces:
The Sigil pieces can be found at the following locations:

Sigil Armlet: At the far southeast of the desert in the Black Send sub-area;
there are stairs leading down into a secret area. You must defeat a monster.
Note: This location is due east of Polamaze when walking from there.
Sigil Armor: Take the airship to the northeast area of the map. Enter the
city, and fight in the tournament. Obtained after several fighters.
Sigil Blade: At the Draken Mansion, during the sub-quest with Kairu.
Sigil Helm: Purchased for 100,000 gold at or near the clothier in Tradefair.
Sigil Necklace: At the Cytherian Bridge, on the way to Tradefair.
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