Чит коды на Automobili Lamborghini (DS)

All cars:
To get all the cars, at the Main screen, press the R button 6 times.
You should now be able to select every car in the game!

Reversed tracks:
Complete championship mode under the "Novice" and "Expert" difficulty

Hidden cars:
Complete one of the following series with the corresponding setting
to enable a bonus car.

Porsche 959:
Arcade Basic series (Novice)

Ferrari 512 TR:
Arcade Pro series (Novice)

Bugatti EB110 GT:
Normal Championship series (Novice)

Ferrari F-50:
Arcade Basic series (Expert)

Dodge Viper GTS:
Arcade Pro series (Expert)

McLaren F1:
Normal Championship series (Expert)

Short cut:
On the race with the castle and dirt road to the side, there will be two
rock formations that your car drives under. Immediately after driving under
the second formation, make a hard left turn. If done correctly, your car will
pass through the wall and reach the short cut.
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