Чит коды на Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage (DS)

Get Battle Axe and Armor:
Talk to Brenna outside the castle with an extra space in your
party, tell her it is too dangerous. She'll then give you a
free Battle Axe and Idem Scale.

Free Inferno Flask:
In the town outside Gwernia castle, there is a house with a lean-to
on top. Go inside and you'll see a bag with an Inferno Flask, give
this to anyone with Alchemy.

Chaos Sword:
Go over the bridge out of town and turn left onto the beach and then
make a right at the shrubbery. Here you'll find a path. You will find
a campsite, and a short intermission for your journal. Inside a chest
here is the Chaos Sword. Remember you'll need 25 strength to use this.

Short cut to Erromon:
Go to the abandoned Chaos camp where you get the sword and follow the
trail north until you reach a path. Then take that path to Erromon.
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