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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (DS)

Commissioner Prizes:
Later in the game, prizes will be given out by the Commissioner's employees.
These monsters will be given after you obtain the required amount of

Effect How to unlock
Empyrea - Obtain all monsters
Grandpa Slime - Obtain 200 monsters
Leopold - Obtain all skills
Liquid Metal Slime - Obtain 100 monsters
Metal Kaiser Slime - Obtain 150 skills
Metal King Slime - Obtain 100 skills
Robbin' Hood - Complete both monster and skill libraries.

Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game. Continue from your cleared saved game file for a
bonus dungeon.

Get Demon-at-Arms:
Synethesize a Jamirus with a Living Statue. It can attack twice per turn.

Get treeface:
To get treeface you need to synthesize a hades condor with a stump chump. This
monster is great as its trait heals it after every attack.

Get Malroth:
To get Malroth, the Rank S demon class monster, simply synthesize a Living
Statue with a Demon-at-arms.

Get Captain Crow:
Simply check the scouts den for the jetty that the pirate is between and once
you defeat the captain himself he will force himself into your party. This
monster is valuable as he has the skill gigagash.

Create Liquid Metal Slime:
Go to the scouting place on any island and synthesize a metal slime with another
metal slime and boom you will have a liquid metal slime. Have fun with his high
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