Cheats for Tennis no Ouji-sama 2005: Crystal Drive (DS)

Complete next stages to play as selected character:
Akazawa - Complete Area Singles as Mizuki.
Akutsu - Complete Area Singles as Muromachi.
Atobe - Complete Iron Plate 3.
Dan - Complete Top Of Lefty as Ryoma.
Higashikata - Complete Kantou Doubles as Sengoku and Akutsu.
Ibu - Complete Area Singles as Kamio.
Inui - Complete Iron Plate 1.
Kabaji - Complete R-1.
Kaidou - Complete the Seigaku Rankings Match.
Kaneda - Complete Area MIX.
Kikumaru - Complete Area Match Doubles as Fuji and Kawamura.
Kisarazu Atsushi - Complete Area Doubles as the Fuji Brothers.
Minami - Complete I-1.
Mizuki - Complete Open Cup Singles as Ryoma.
Oishi - Complete Kantou MIX as Seigaku Team B.
Osh*tari - Complete Kantou Singles as Shishido.
Sakurai - Complete Area Doubles as Momoshiro and Kamio.
Sengoku - Complete the Junior Selection.
Shinya - Complete Iron Plate 2 (Doubles).
Tachibana - Complete Kantou Singles as Ibu.
Tezuka - Complete the Nationals Singles No Miss Complete as Ryoma.
No points can be lost.
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