Cheats for Meteos (DS)

Radar view:
While playing a game, press Select to display a radar type view
on the top screen. Press Select again to display that view from
your opponent's viewpoint.

Unlock Florias - Play the game for more than five hours
Unlock Grannest - Complete Star Trip "STRAIGHT" mode once
Unlock Planet Meteos - Play Star Trip & watch any of the 8 different endings

Successfully complete the following tasks to get the blocks needed
to fuse the corresponding weapons or the item itself:

100 Air, Fire, Soil, and H2O Meteos:
Successfully complete a 100-Meteo War in less than ten seconds.

100 Iron, Zap, Zoo and Herb Meteos:
Play at least three wireless multi-player games.

Cross Bomb - Unlock the true ending for Star Trip Straight mode.
Eraser - Get five other player profiles.
Fury Hammer - Successfully complete Multi mode.
Smoke Screen - Get at least 100,000 points in a 5:00 time war.
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